Central New York

Council for the Social Studies

CNYCSS Mission Statement     

The Central New York Council for the Social Studies is a regional Social Studies  professional organization established to provide services for K-12 teachers with a bridge to higher education.  The general purpose of the organization is to provide a network and a forum for Social Studies educators to talk about teaching pedagogy and academic

C.N.Y.C.S.S. offers opportunities for educators to:
•keep abreast of recent scholarly activity in their respective fields through professional development workshops and dinner meetings with featured speakers
•keep updated with curricular and assessment changes coming from the New York State Department of Education
•encourage high expectations for the professional development of pre-service and untenured teachers at all academic levels
• disseminate and receive information through our newsletter
•act as a clearinghouse of information where teachers can share ideas about classroom materials and methods
•have a support bridge to the state (N.Y.S.C.S.S.) and national (N.C.S.S.) councils which offer more extensive services to Social Studies educators
•give input to the state and national departments of education to voice concerns and to suggest policy direction, with the emphasis on promoting the importance of teaching social studies education to all K-12 students
•act as mentors to other member educators
•attend local trips to historical sites with their families and students during the summer to encourage appreciation for the resources in our local communities
•acknowledge and reward exemplary educators
•acquire in-service hours for New York State certification

Final Draft as of 10/6/2008

CNYCSS is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization. New York. 2657 East Fayette Street, Syracuse, NY 13224.

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