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Fall Dinner

Thursday, September 25th, 2014

Pascale Italian Bistro at 

Drumlins Country Club 

(University Room)


A Night with Dr. Jeffery Mangram

Popular Culture: A Force in Our Society 

and in the Social Studies Classroom


In contemporary society, popular culture is framed as fluffy, silly, simplistic and trivial. But what if there were another way to view popular culture? Could it be viewed as pedagogy, as a sort of teacher and guide, persuading us to view the world in particular ways? Popular culture matters.
Because of its ubiquity and economic possibilities, Dr. Jeffery Mangram argues that the producers of popular culture are forces in our lives (particular for young people) that need to be engaged through systematic and ongoing analysis. Indeed, Social Studies researchers are writing about the problematic worldviews students are bringing to their interpretations of history, for instance, based on their understandings of popular culture. These and other issues related to Social Studies and popular culture will be discussed in this presentation.

Dr. Jeffery Mangram distinguished himself in the classroom as a social studies teacher before becoming an
Associate Professor of Social Studies Education at Syracuse University. He was a finalist for the New York State
Teacher of the Year award.

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